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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Collection of dolls

This is mine and mums together, the photo was taken a few years ago at the Hospital Aux Doll and Bear Show they asked if we would like to show off some of our collection, so we have both probably added a few more dolls and bears to this.

My mum not only collects the bears she makes them as well. So she has a lot of them handmade as well as bought ones and heaps given to her as gifts.
This is some of my collection


elle said...

wow vic....thats a lot of dolls there!
my mum collects teddy bears n her fave is one called 'jordan' that dad bought from a bear shop that used to be in london court in perth.
so nice to see you on the blog scene, and look forward to seeing you showcase your life here :)

G3 said...

MY Goodness, You have so many Dolls. What a collection. Fantastic Vicki.