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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Torture Chamber

Well after my visit to the torture chamber yesterday ( the dentist), he extracted a tooth and I still need 3 fillings. I had either 3 or 4 needles to make it numb then it didn't take long but my face was numb for ages, but it doesn't hurt anymore after buying panadeine in bulk for the pain I was expecting after the extraction. It didn't stop me scrapping when I got home though I finished off this page with the handmade heart embellies. Then I started a kaiser mini gift album which I will post up tomorrow arvo after I take better photo's.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

yum yum!

A layout I done yesterday for Lisa's weekly challenge at uproar.

Phillip is the baby enjoying the mixture.


Now mum has had her birthday I can put up the present I made for her it used to be an old LP it was done for a cybercrop in Sept. It can be put on a plate stand or DH drilled holes in it and I threaded ribbon so it can be hung on the wall as well. Ma said it had the wrong dates on it but I put the dates circa when the pictures were taken.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Todays efforts

Smile I done for a monthly comp at TBSS and the One day LO I done as I wanted to do a layout that wasn't a part of any challenge so I done a simple Neg space one I used bazzil cs and Daisy D pp.
For the smile one I used coredination cs, and done stamping and painting the grungeboard, the quote came from Inque B pp.

my latest creation

Another challenge for uproars birthday month, its Dee's challenge on a first thing (not people) had to use 3 colors and ribbon (on the Home sweet Home tag) I got the sewing machine out and done a frame around the photo. I used kaiser pp and bazil.

Friday, October 24, 2008

1 I just scanned

I've been working on this one most of the day as its a lot of handcutting and 3d, It is for Nat's challenge over at TBSS and involves handcutting that would be most of it the paper tole fairies and a mouse and little duck. I used K&Co Berry sweet pp that is all the flourishes and flowers, Nat also wanted bling and something new from a recent purchase that would be the bling and paper tole things.

This is Jessica telling her daddy secrets back in 1993. I was tossing up between 2 titles one being Butterfly kisses after a song on my blog or the title it was given.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here it is

The LO I was talkin about last night, its my mum back in the sixties. I still have a bit of journalling to put on it. I actually sewed on it and used the punch for the flowers and butterflies.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today I went out to lunch with the Tafe ladies to celebrate a couple of 60th Birthday's coming up this week. One of them being my mums on Friday. After lunch we went and done our Tafe course, we played around with Publisher and then done a bit of shopping and came home.. I done a LO last night and I am having trouble scanning it so have to wait till morning and try a photo, or maybe have a go at scanning again. I scan all the other ones this is being stubborn.

Monday, October 20, 2008

cards and a LO

Today I've done 1 LO and a card with the leftovers for Uproar challenges. We had to use 1 of anything on a layout so I done one of Ash my niece and used sasslass PP, cardstock, 1 flower, 1 bead brad, fozz felt and a rubbon. lettering was done with the cricut.

a couple of papertole cards using morehead pictures

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My old pom album.

Well here it is I finished the cover off this morning I had to fill in a little space under The and tried many things and ended up putting a little photo of my pop (he called himself The Old Pom) hence the title. I'm using K&Co Blue Awning pp throughout the album and I have yet to put the dates on the front cover as I ran out of the little numbers. Also a view of the first page completed.
I also started an OTP christmas star yesterday I've covered it in pp and glitz it still deciding how I want to decorate it when its done I put it up for all to see. Today when the housework is done I might do another LO and a birthday card for mum.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

1st page done

Well I've started my ancestry album (vol 1) The Old Pom. I'll upload some photo's of it tommorrow as I'm working on the front cover now, I started by putting on the pp and painting many coats of decoupage finish on the covers about 6 weeks ago so I've been a bit slack with it but it is another work in progress book so I'll do a page or 2 when I feel like it, and when I gather the photo's. I still have to find out where the photo was taken mum told me, but I've forgotten. It is a photo of my Great grandmother with my Nan and Pop, photo taken circa 1933 and they are standing outside in the snow.

Accordian album

This was another challenge from Debz an accordian album this is the first one I've made from scratch using chipboard and cardstock, it measures 6cm x 6cm so its not very big. I have done a premade one before and a wooden one. I chose Sam's birthday as the mini albums are great to use if you have a lot of multishots of a special event or holidays etc..
I used K& Co rough and tumble pp and used the sizzix to cut out the little boy and the No.6 and just other little bits and pieces. Sammy enjoys looking at the mini albums

Friday, October 17, 2008

1 happy boy

This is my first LO of sam's birthday. Its for a challenge at uproar had to make the title with a 1 and use chipboard alpha altered and use rubbons.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New pet

Michael has got a couple of new pets 2 mice the pictures here are the same mouse called Stuart and the other one is white and a caramel colour and he is called George. They are babies so are very cute.

Sam's Birthday

Balloons and eating Birthday cake and new toys he was 6 didn't do much just had his favourite dinner of marinated chicken wings and hot chips then his cake which he ploughed into but only licked off the lollies and icing. He got a new fisher price camera but was more excited about the trucks...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Angies mojo challenge

Done this page last night it is Angies monthly mojo challenge from Scraptastic, it didn't take me very long as it is a very clean, cut well balanced LO. The challenge was to use any photo (any size) and to use 2x 1" by 6" strips of pp, the photo had to be matted, 4 different ribbons and 2 rubbons.

Yesterday was Sam's 6th Birthday so when I get the photo's off the camera I'll post some on.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Latest page.

I started this Layout last night after choosing what I wanted to do yesterday so I played around with it last night and stuck it all together this morning it is another challenge from Debs for Scrappers Warehouse. Take my heart was the title to be used as well as a 5x7 BW photo and it had to be red black and white, and feature at least 3 hearts, lace, ribbon and some journalling which is written around the heart. The subject I chose was my kids.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More work in progress

More work in progress, I was doing this on Wednesday while sam was at pre-school, this is for a challenge at uproar, its to do an album of 1st so I'm still deciding what to put in the album so I have to go through some old photo's. Then the fun part of embellishing it.

work in progress

This is my work in progess I shall get around to doing it at some time, i"ll put up my progression as I go. It started off as 2 reader's digest condensed novels. I cut out all the pages and cut and glued and painted with a decoupe finish so it has a satiny look to it. This will be my ancestry book it will be the second volume that has all the Bailey clan grankids in it. It started off I was going to do the old pom ( my pop) and about his life and all the old photo's I could gather, but when I put it together I felt it was a bit small so I've since bought a second gatefold book to use for the 1st volume. So if there are any rellies( from the bailey clan) reading my blog if you could email me any family photo's I would be very grateful.

wild boys

A layout of my boys playing in the grass

just finished this one tonight.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Latest LO

Here is a LO I done last night its Phillip when he was at pre-school in 1997. It was another one of Debz challenges.
Great challenge for cropping photo's.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Witchy's Challenge

Another challenge from Debz set by Lisa and you guessed it paint I flicked it on, next time I do that I might go outside I didn't really make that much mess I glad I have a big mat but. I like this photo of Sammy he looks so cute" like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth", definately Devil in Disguise(Elvis Presley) which is where the lyrics come from for the title. Distressing (another requirement) of pp and photo, also Staples another requirement the photo has staples in the corners also on the pp. Big title and photo a part of the challenge. Now I'm working on the next challenge before I go get a haircut and pick Sam up from pre-school.

Monday, October 06, 2008


This was a challenge to use a peek a boo bear on a boy LO not to use any pastel colours and not to use any pp and to use two different ribbons. So I chose red black and white for the colour scheme.
I found the perfect photo of phillip as a bubba back in 1993.
red,white and black always look great together.
Krystal made my bears as I didn't have the kit but Pauly did and lucky Karen met her in Albury on Sunday and they bought Michael home he spent the first week of the holiday's at Jacqui's. Mum went with them too and got herself a new camera.

Xmas cards

This is the first pair I made.

Another challenge at the TBSS was to make a matching pair of christmas cards featuring only xmas colours of Red, Green, Gold, Silver & White - You MUST make your featured embellishment on the front of both cards with Clear/Rubber Stamps and also include a rubbon on each card and between both cards have one mistle-toe, one wreath and one santa. I ended up making 4 cards as the first lot I forgot about the stamping bit.

TBSS Cybercrop

The colour coded LO had to use the colours off the TBSS website and a large flower, different fonts and zig zag stitching. I decided to do another deb page this is Jess and her partner is Dylan her best friends brother.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lucky Me

I won prize over at Debz for this LO. Thanks Lexie for sponsoring.

a lovely set of journal stamps and a cute little card that Lexie made.

Then after that I found out I won a Making Memories Slice machine over at uproar2scrapmore in the monthly competition that Delena has. You should go over and check out her store she is a very lovely lady and helps you with any products you are after.

Here is a link to check out the slice machine.........How cool does that little machine look can't wait till it comes...... Thanks Dee your the best xoxo

I won a little lotto prize as well...... it was only $34 but it was enough to get some more tickets for next week plus a bit of change..... maybe one of them other tickets will strike the jackpot......(won't hold my breath though)....

New month

This is a layout I done for Uproar2Scrapmore's cybercrop over the weekend. Its my mum and her friend in the sixties the cybercrop was a retro theme and this is Lisa's challenge.