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Saturday, October 11, 2008

work in progress

This is my work in progess I shall get around to doing it at some time, i"ll put up my progression as I go. It started off as 2 reader's digest condensed novels. I cut out all the pages and cut and glued and painted with a decoupe finish so it has a satiny look to it. This will be my ancestry book it will be the second volume that has all the Bailey clan grankids in it. It started off I was going to do the old pom ( my pop) and about his life and all the old photo's I could gather, but when I put it together I felt it was a bit small so I've since bought a second gatefold book to use for the 1st volume. So if there are any rellies( from the bailey clan) reading my blog if you could email me any family photo's I would be very grateful.

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