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Friday, November 07, 2008

Bugger, bugger and waiting

Well they say things happen in 3 so I'm waiting to see what else will happen today. This morning we were dropping Sam off at big school for his orientation day I hopped out of the car and Sam only had his thongs on so we put him back in the car to go and get his runners on, by the time we got home there was smoke coming from under the bonnet of the Hilux which has put a stop to our camping weekend, sammy and DH were more dissappointed about that then me and the other 2 but shhh!!!!!!!! don't tell them. Anyway we left the hilux at home and took him back to school in the commodore that's when the second bugger up of the day happened my DH was the driver and he stopped in front of the school in a no stop zone to drop sam off , its only a small country town so not many cops around occasionally we have this orange candy car from a neighbouring town and the cop in it is a very picky (bastard) so you've probably guessed by now yep!! he got booked for being where he shouldn't have been I just happened to get to the car the same time as the cop too..........anyway we are yet to get the infringement notice in the mail as everything is recorded and taped he also mentioned about the tow ball obstructing the numberplate so we don't know if he booked us for that or not. I'll let you know when we get a surprise in the mail. We went and had a look the number plate can be seen clearly all that is covered is the dot in the middle.

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