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Thursday, November 20, 2008

old photo's

My pop Bailey with Bernie and HeatherGreat Grandma Emily Rose Bowman

Aunty Topsy Her real name is Doris Mabel which she didn't like so she was known as Topsy all her life

Nan and Pop Bailey with Bernie and Heather

This is Aunt Clare and Uncle Ernest I don't know a great deal about Aunt Clare this is Emily Rose's sister and there were a few skeleton in this closet so if you ask your mum Susan she might be able to tell you some more about Claire and why nan B didn't really like her. All these photo's are circa 1930's.

These are some of the old photo's I have on my to do list and Aunty June may have some more for me to scan when I go and see her. I'm trying to get pop's side of the family done first than I might to a 12x12 album on what I can find out about nan's side of the family so I can see this is going to be an ongoing project as I would also love to trace the family tree (pop's side too) seen the Bailey name I want to find out more about, but I shall need $$$ to do that so its on the back burner at the moment.


Sheri said...

i'll ask mum when she gets home...:D

awwww look at baby nan!!!

Sue said...

Ah, Aunty Clare, I think Mums favourite memory of her is when she used to go to church with mums Grandma and pass wind. When she got in trouble she would come out with something atrocious like 'wher'ere you be, let your wind blow free'. Her sister was horrified.

Sue said...

OMG. I just had a closer look at the top photo, especially Mum. Who do my kids and Tara's kids look like. You will have to show that one to Mum, bet she has never noticed the similarities. Lol.

vicmbee said...

I'll print her some up mum might have gave her some already have to check first, I have some of pop when he first came out and was working on the farm and on his motorbike also uncle bernie as a baby, june has nan's old albums so need to go and visit if you want any of the photo's just let me know shall email them to you.