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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crazy Cat at Christmas

The Presents are gone from under the tree, so he had his bed back again.

As soon as Sam emptied out his santa sack the puss thought it a good place to relax and hide....
It cracked me up.... everyone was busy with their pressies so I happened to notice the cat in the sack then the kids decided to come and play with him too..........


Shell said...

Hi Vicki,
Happy New Year Darlin. May 2009 be a super special year for you and yours!!
Love Shell xo

lexie said...

Love the photo of puss in a sack...wishing you and your family a happy healthy and safe 2009
luv Lexie oxo

Kathie said...

That is so Cute!!! Happy New Year sweetie!!

Nat said...

Happy New Year darlin
wishing you and your family a great happy prosperous healthy scrapfilled 2009
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx