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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where is it gone???

The last 7 years that is...... it doesn't seem all that long ago that I pushed a wee little Sammy into the world he was very eager to get here as he arrived 8 weeks early and weighed a mere 1.5kg about 3lb and 42cm in length and HC 31cm he was so tiny...
He is 5hrs old in the humidicrib they(NICU nurses) took the photo before they hooked him up to all the machinery.
Now here he is this morning opening up his birthday presents not so tiny anymore... He got trucks and a front end loader for his birthday, we were going to have chippies in the park and ride his bike down in Tumut but it hasn't stopped raining so we came home after the 2 eldest got there Jab for Meningococcal..


Marcia said...

I know that feeling, they grow up so quickly. Seven is a great age, but it makes me feel old!

Happy Birthday to your little man!

:) Marcia P

PS: Honestly didn't think they made nappies that small - my seven year old was just shy of nine pounds, she came out looking like a three month old!

Mandy said...

lol...i little tiny munchkins were 8 this year....ten weeks early you think they will never be big...but it sneaks up on you and then you can't believe they were ever that tiny...happy birthday...7 is

Kathie said...

Happy birthday day to you sweetie!! Looks like we share a birthdate!!

chrisw said...

Happy birthday Sammy,hope it was a great day for you..great story and pics Vic,thanks for sharing..Oh and checkout my christmas card challenge at born2create,it's in the forum honey!!