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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spring is here

One for Margaret a picture of her house from my verandah

All this spring weather makes one sleepy ------ ' time for a catnap',
don't you just love the positions cats sleep in

flowers from the garden

No photo editing in these photo's they are straight from our new camera
which I love

A camilla

another camilla ants and all

Angels in my garden

having a nap


More bulbs not from my garden but we do have some.

We upgraded our camera with an Olympus and we now have 30 optical zoom along with 14 mexapixels so the photo's are a lot clearer and it has heaps of settings which are awesome.  There is a birdwatching one but couldn't find any birds to practice on so I will have another play another day...


my spot of creativity said...

Cool photos Vic
Have fun playing with your new camera :)

Marcia @ The Stamp Spot said...

I'm loving that Spring is here .... the sun, the warmth, the bees! Gorgeous pics Vicki, what a difference a bit of sunshine makes!

Thanks for sharing, such a joy!

:) Marcia

Jenny said...

Don't cha love getting a new toy to play with, photos are great especially love the ants on flower

Angie Bailey said...

My favorite time of the year! Photo's look fabulous Vic, happy playing:) Hugs Angie