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Thursday, February 12, 2009

smoke has cleared

The smoke has now cleared and it's raining at the moment and has really cooled off.... In NSW. Hopefully Victoria are getting some of this weathers too.

My other two sisters in Victoria Pauly and Jacqui had a bit of a scare yesterday when a grass fire broke out only 5K's out of town yesterday but the fireman quickly got it under control so all was fine, still scary though to have them so close and being virtually in the middle of the other fires around the district... They are only about 40 mins from Yea which has been featured a lot on the TV. Especially when seeing all the devastation and burned out cars and the fatality rate any fire so close would be terrifying, and how the people had no time as the fire was on them so quick. I lived down that way for a while too before moving back to my home town..

The kids are have a mufti (no uniform day) tommorrow and have to take a gold coin donation for the fire appeal and we also have a local man taking a truck down with donated clothes, toys and household items, etc so I have been going through Sams things and the 2 older ones can gather their bags full from out of their room when they get home, also have to gather what I can from my and DH stuff to donate as well..... It's hard to imagine if you had to start all over again and be left with nothing with so many houses lost that is a lot of displaced people...

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