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Monday, February 09, 2009

What my sister can see from her verandah

My sister emailed me some pictures of what she can see of the fires as they are in towns surrounding where she lives. I have 2 sisters in this town.
This one was taken at 7.55pm last night(7th) and very smoky then can't see the pap's (surrounding mountains). This one was taken this morning (8th) at about 10am smoke looks very thick and yellow and it reminded her of a couple of years ago when they had major bush fires raging in surrounding towns then.
It is a very sad day for Victoria and Australia as there has been a great loss of life and watching all the news broadcasts it is just heartbreaking.... and think of all the hard working firefighters trying to tame the wild beast which is still burning....


Mandy said...

amazing is so earie..the sun glowers thoughts are with you and all the other girls who have been so close to this....

Kathie said...

Very scary Vicki. W have friends in a lot of the affected towns. The devestation is just unbelievable, my husband has seen it first hand and its not nice. We need to brace ourselves as we hear the final death tolls. I actually don't think that anything could prepare you for this.
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