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Monday, March 02, 2009

Wipeout game 5

Wipeout Game 5 round 1 began yesterday the requirements:-
12x12 LO, main colours - brown, white, black and cream and can add 1 other colour, I added lilac, and a bear on the LO somewhere. I was going through some photo discs my cousin Susan gave me and came across this adorable photo of her at 15 months, so Sue if you are reading this can you give me a year I can add to this LO. The bear is a Bosskut die cut and its cut out of brown paper and inked.

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Sue said...

Hi Vic, 2nd try at this. Silly blog.
At 15 months it would have been Dec 1961 (cripes I am old). Not sure what the occasion was, ask Mum she will remember. Think I was leaning on Aunty Tops, with Aunty Wendy beside us, or other way around.
Nice Lo by the way.