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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Back

Can't say how long though till I post another LO as it took me ages to finish these pages... It didn't take long to do the wooden plaque though that was quick and easy more details of that are on my card blog if you haven't already seen it.. just click on the card in the sidebar to take you there...

It stars my DD and BF and also Willy & Mia for your chance to win a digi version of the image details are also on the card blog..

My nephew..


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Marie (Mazz) said...

all just gorgeous as usual Vic :) does it really matter how long it takes ? "I dont so Tim" LOL ... I'm the same, no time for any paper crafting lately... and I'm still trying to just catch up wots bn happening out in the cyber world since Ive been away...SO much, so busy all the time ....btw Willy & Mia are beautifully coloured in and I love them too xxx