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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Back!!!! ............

My Dining room that is..... it's been my craft room for so long.. you can see how it used to look here a post from way back in 2009,  I had gathered a bit more stuff since then too as that was pre-stamping/carding days..

Still a bit more work to do in here like new curtains and another cupboard DH wants to bring in

My ribbon curtain it didn't look so many once hung up but I still have bags of lace to organise into a smaller container

another view

a new table to scrap at still need to work out where I can leave die cutting machines out ready to go so might need another little coffee table or something... working on that 

Side wall still needs to be organised

PC and more storage
Looking into the room

It has only taken us nearly 2 months to actually move all the stuff around as Jess moved out in Feb to start her studies at Wagga TAFE a Diploma in Community and Welfare course she is doing goes for a year and a half and she wanted to keep her room as it was for when she comes and stays and I was a bit reluctant in packing up her gear which is still here in 3 different places, as I wanted to move Sam into her room so I could make a bit more noise in his,  It's right next to Mike's and I swear that boy just doesn't wanna go to sleep at a decent hr.  Anyways it had to happen as we really wanted a dining/kitchen back to it's purpose in a house :)
So we had to re-organise 3 different rooms and still working on them too as the little fella needs to have a toy cull and I can't do that with him here as he brings the stuff back in from the bin and asks why are you throwing this... Lol!! 

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Marcia said...

Oh you are making me envious, I miss my room! Yep, you definately need somewhere to put your diecut machines out or at least handy and within reach. And I love your ribbon storage, that rocks!

Had to chuckle about the toy cull - so so happens here too! That's a between 9 & 3 on a school day jobby!

Great work Vicki!