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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fires in Vic what we can see

This is what we can see from our front verandah.... Lot of smoke again this is facing the hills towards victoria ... We live about 2 hours from the vic border probably about 4 hrs away from some of the closest fires and have had winds blowing the smoke in our direction, there have also been a few fires and hot spots over the mountains near Tumut but are under control last I read on the website..

The sun hiding behind the clouds directly behind our house... It's a very eerie feeling outside. I just heard a few sprinkles of rain out on the roof.. so hope it is going to cool things down a bit especially for all the brave men out there battling the fires...


Tracey said...

That looks so horrible Vicki. Hope you guys stay safe from the smoke and from any stray sparks too!

melodydamom said...

hiya its melodydamom (mel) off mad about scrapping.

great blog, u have done some lovely layouts.

tc from mel :)